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Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To PC

The days of connecting wired headphones to your desktop PC or laptop have vanished!. I recommend investing in some Bluetooth headphones and removing that annoying wire. Find out how to fix bad audio quality when connecting Bluetooth headphones to your pc.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To PC

I’m a person who enjoys watching movies or playing games late at night when everyone else is in bed. The worst thing is, I can’t have the sound coming out of the speakers so id use headphones. until recently I’ve been using wired headphones, but one thing that gets on my nerves every night using wired headphones. Is that fact that I’ll either trip over the wire, or it gets tangled between the feet of my office chair. Also, I’ve had times where I’ve got up to do something and nearly took the computer or laptop with me

God knows, how many times I’ve had to invest in another pair of headphones because of the number of times I’ve snapped the cable.

If you have decided to take my advice and invest in some awesome Bluetooth headphones. Follow this guide on how to fix bad audio quality when connecting Bluetooth headphones to pc and get enjoying them as fast as possible.

Video Tutorial Here – On Artificial Geeks YouTube Channel

Install Bluetooth Adapter

The first thing we need to do is to download and install the latest drivers for our Bluetooth adapter. If you haven’t got a Bluetooth adapter at hand. You will need to purchase an adapter before you can connect Bluetooth headphones to PC or any other Bluetooth device. I would recommend going for a Bluetooth adapter with version 4 Bluetooth hardware. Version 4 is the latest Bluetooth hardware out and gives you the best compatibility towards other devices. It also allowing you more stability when connecting more than one device at a time.

The best way to get the drivers for your Bluetooth adapter is from the manufacturer’s website. Search the model number of the Bluetooth adapter, then download and install it the latest driver. If you can’t find your Bluetooth adapter drivers for some strange reason. Follow my guide on how to install missing drivers here, and just install the Bluetooth adapter. You could always update your existing hardware drivers at the same time if you wanted.

I had a Belkin F8T065 Bluetooth adapter and you can download the latest driver for Windows Vista and Windows 7 below:

Download F8T065 Bluetooth drivers

NOTE – I highly recommend to start the driver installation first before plugging in your Bluetooth adapter unless you have followed my guide on how to install missing drivers. Because, when you connect your Bluetooth adapter to your PC. Windows will automatically install its own version of the Bluetooth drivers, which may work fine with some devices. But, you might find that you come into some other problems down the line in the future. That’s why I insist on installing the manufacturer’s drivers over Windows. During the installation process, you will be prompted that there is no Bluetooth device found, that’s the moment you should then plug it in.

once you have installed your Bluetooth adapter, proceed to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PC.

Configure Bluetooth Adapter

From the ”Start Menu” select ”Control Panel” and then ”Devices and Printers”. To get Control Panel to show you settings in small icons, select small icons in the top right corner next to ”View by:”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones

Highlight your Bluetooth adapter, right-click and select ”Bluetooth settings”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (2)

Make sure you have ”allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer, Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer, and Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area” ticked.

and untick ”Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect, and Turn off the Bluetooth adapter”, click OK.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (3)

Connect Bluetooth Headphones

Now, right-click on the Bluetooth icon in your system tray and select ”Add a Device”.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (4)

Turn your Bluetooth headphones on and into pairing mode. Usual on most Bluetooth headphones, holding down the On/Off or pairing button will do it. If not you might need to have a look in the manual to find out how to put them into pairing mode.

After a few seconds, your Bluetooth headphones will appear in the window below, highlight your headphones and click ”Next”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (5)

Give the setup a few minutes, and let it finish the installation process. If you get an error during this about connection, try to connect your headphones again. sometimes Windows can have trouble connecting when pairing.

You should be welcomed with the two screens below after you have successfully installed your Bluetooth headphones.

Close both Windows and try out your new headphones!

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (6)
Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (7)

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones

Depending on the Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth headphones you have. You may experience problems during playback, which I had the same issue. For some reason my headphones audio quality when connected to a phone or tablet was amazing. But, when connected to my PC, the audio quality seemed very poor and kept breaking up. It turns out, its due to my Bluetooth adapter not being able to transmit both sending and receiving Bluetooth signal at the same time.

To fix this problem if you have the same annoying issue, follow the steps below.

Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, and select ”Show Bluetooth Devices”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (8)

Highlight your Bluetooth headphones, right-click and select ”Properties”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality

Select the services tab and untick everything except ”Audio Sink”. If your Bluetooth headphones support ”Remote Control”. You can keep this ticked, as I have not found this to do any harm to audio quality. Once done, hit ”Apply” and click ”OK”.

Fix Bad Audio Quality When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones (10)

Give your computer a few seconds to apply the settings.

Test playback on your Bluetooth headphones again, you should find them working perfectly.

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