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How To Find Your Computers IP Address

Whats Is An IP Address?

An IP address is like an ID number for a computer on a network. For example, any computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or any other wi-fi device, will instantly get an IP address when connected to a network. There are numerous reasons why people would want to find out their IP address, and here are a few ways to find your computers IP address.

Find Your Computers IP Address

The IP address you receive from your ISP is different to the IP address your computer receives from your network router. This IP is the address of your whole household or business. So every connection coming in and out will go through this IP address. For example, this is how a ISP will track you when you’re downloading torrents etc. Usually you’ll have a static IP address from an ISP. Back in the day before they would keep tabs on users, this changed every time you reconnected to the internet.

Best way to find this IP out is to either, go into your router settings and find connections. From here it will have an IP address.

or you can find your IP address by going to

Find Your Internal Computer IP Address

To find and locate your actual internal network IP address, which is the IP your computer and other devices get from your router. Usually something like or

Easiest option is to open up command prompt.

Start – Run – cmd.exe

and type in

IPConfig and hit enter.

You will see if gives you a list of address, locate the network adapter your using, for me its an ethernet connection, and your IP address will be underneath. For Example, mine is ”IPv4 Address………..:


You can also find your IP address out through your router settings, and look up connected devices.

Another way is by right-clicking on the network icon in your taskbar and selecting Open Network and Sharing Centre.


Select Change Adapter Settings on the left menu, double-click your network connection and hit details…

You will find your IP address located in the list.


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