What’s The Fastest Torrent Client?

Over the years, there are more and more torrent clients coming out every year. Some claim to be faster than others, but in reality, torrent applications don’t really determine how fast your downloads go. It all depends on your internet speed, but you can configure torrent clients to do the best of their abilities. So it helps to achieve your maximum download speed. So which really is the best and fastest torrent client available, when applied with the best settings?

What Is The Fastest Torrent Client Available?

The Fastest Torrent Client is?

After trial and error with many different torrent applications, I have always found myself going back to one in particular, and that’s uTorrent. uTorrent has come a long way since it first-ever came out, but now it’s turned into something like Vuze. With all the add-ons and features they have added to it over the versions, it’s kind of turned a lightweight torrent application into a resource hog which to me, isn’t very good.

I’m a guy who likes his torrent clients to do what they’re supposed to do and that’s it, I know what torrents I’m going to be downloading and once I’ve added them to my client, I want it to download and that’s it. Why should you want more from a torrent client?

uTorrent 2.2.1 Is The Fastest Torrent Downloader

Even though uTorrent has changed, one version, in particular, has been my main torrent client to date. That’s uTorrent 2.2.1, its simple, not a resource hog, and doesn’t come with any useless features in my opinion. It does what I want a client to do, and that’s download!

Download uTorrent 2.2.1 here

Straight out of the box uTorrent is pretty good and handling connections and giving you high download speed. Because I’ve been using it now for as long as I can remember, I’ve changed a few settings to try to improve my download speeds, and with my best uTorrent settings, I would say it has become the fastest torrent client that I have ever used, nothing compares to it.

Configure Windows XP To Make uTorrent The Fast Torrenting Software You Need

Even though Windows XP isn’t supported these days, if you still have an old pc, which isn’t being used. A good idea I would do is install a clean version of Windows XP on it, and then apply the TCP/IP half-open connections patch plus configuring uTorrent with my best uTorrent settings and you’ll have your very own torrent speed daemon for downloading. Like I say uTorrent 2.2.1 is so lightweight, that it will run pretty much on any pc.

Sometimes it does depend on how many seeders or peers the torrent you’re downloading has, but in theory, uTorrent will try to max out your internet speed, giving you those torrents in no time.

If you have got any suggestions, I’m all ears, like I said earlier in the post, I’m up for trying any client’s I’ve not tried before.

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