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Enable Internet Connection Sharing on Windows

The easiest way to share an internet connection from one pc to another is to enable internet connection sharing within Windows. This allows a computer on your home network with an internet connection to share its internet access to another computer that doesn’t have access to the main hub.

How To Enable Internet Connection Sharing

For an example, I have one pc that I use for storage, media player, Kodi, and playing games in bed, but the only connection it has is ethernet. I could simply attach a wi-fi adapter but the thing is, I use chrome moonlight to stream games from my gaming pc to my less spec laptop in bed.

To find out how to stream games to another pc or mobile device, click here.

With me, I like to have all my computers in my home, physically connected by ethernet cable. I’m not a big wi-fi fan, due to the fact that if I pay for an internet speed, I want to get that speed on all my devices, accept phones and tablets. Plus Id like to have a gigabit network set up so I can easily distribute files between computers.

WiFi speeds rely on how good your wi-fi connection is, for an example. If you have an internet speed that’s 50MBps, but your wi-fi connection on your pc or laptop is saying 50% strong. You would only ever get a 25MBps internet speed, which is 2.5Mbps. If you had it hard-wired with an ethernet cable, you’d get the full 5.0Mbps.


Heres How To Enable Internet Connection Sharing In Windows

Start off by selecting start then Network. If you don’t have a network on your start menu, find out how here.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (1)

Now select ”Network and Sharing Center” .

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (2)

On the left select ”Change adapter settings”.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (3)

Select and highlight your network connection that has internet access.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (4)

Right click on it and select ”Properties”.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (5)

Next, you’ll get the same windows as below, select the ”Sharing” tab and tick ”Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection”. and click ok.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (6)

If you have done the above and still your client pc doesn’t have any internet access, continue with this how-to.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (7)

Setup ICS with Static IP addresses

If you are having trouble doing the basic internet connection sharing that Microsoft Windows expects to work straight away, follow these steps.

Go to start, and select network. Then highlight the connection between you and the other pc. Not the network that has an internet connection. Right click and select properties.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (8)

In the Networking tab, scroll down to ”internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, and select properties.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (9)

Now we need to set a static IP address on our main PC. select the ” use the following IP address” and type in a static IP. For me, I’m going to use so it doesn’t interact with my router. Set the subnet mask to and the ”preferred DNS server” to which the main pc is the server for this internet connection that’s being shared. once done, click OK.

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (10)

Now we have set up the main computer, its time to set up the client so that both can connect to each other. Navigate to your network connections and right-click on the ethernet or wi-fi connection between your main pc and the client pc, and select properties. Left-click on ”Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and select properties.

Now enter an IP that is similar to your main pc but the last set of digits should be different. for example:

Main PC :

Client PC:

The subnet mask should be the exact same as the main pc, which will be, and finally the prefered DNS server will be the IP of the main pc, so for my setup will be click ok when done

Internet Connection Sharing ICS (11)

Test the internet connection again on your client pc.

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You should be ready to go!

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