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Emojis are being used in the Windows Registry path: Easter Egg

Did you know when creating a new Folder or Path in the Registry, you can use what looks like an Emoji as well? Surprised!? Windows usually don’t offer special characters everywhere, especially in the Registry, but there seems to be an exception. This is an interesting Easter Egg for those who don’t know about these things!

Emojis are being used in the Windows Registry path

So, where did we notice it? It was here:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International\🌎🌏🌍

While they look like emojis, they are not. These sorts of Emojis are being used as a part of a Registry path in Windows 11, and this is nothing new but is seen in Windows 10 v1803 and later too.

So why are we calling it ‘sort of Emojis’? Because they are part of Universal Character Set characters or UNICODE. It’s a standard to map characters used in natural language or music and even in maths. They are something that cannot be defined with the traditional characters.

While the Unicode occupies 2 bytes, the one we just noticed takes 4-bytes.

If you notice closely, each globe looks a little different. They are named straightforward, and they show part of the continent in each:


Did you know about it? It sure was new to me.

Feel free to add any information you may have about it in the comments below.

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Emojis are being used in the Windows Registry path

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