How to Return Amazon Packages via UPS

Easy Returns: How to Use Amazon UPS Access Points and Other Convenient Options

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, with Amazon being one of the biggest players in the space. However, even with their excellent customer service, there may be times when a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase and wants to return it. The process of returning an item purchased online can be a hassle, especially when there are limited physical stores available to accept the returns.

Thankfully, Amazon has partnered with UPS to provide a convenient and straightforward solution to returning packages. By using an Amazon UPS Access Point, customers can return their purchases with ease. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of returning an Amazon package via UPS Access Point, as well as provide some tips on using Amazon Hub Lockers, Kohl’s stores, and Whole Food Market to return your purchase.

With the Amazon UPS Access Point program, customers can drop off their returns at any of the thousands of UPS Access Point locations across the country. This service is free of charge, and customers can track their return package every step of the way.

In addition to UPS Access Points, Amazon also offers a variety of other convenient options for returning your purchases. For example, Amazon Hub Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks that allow customers to pick up and return packages at their convenience. Kohl’s stores and Whole Food Market locations are also available to accept Amazon returns, providing even more options for customers.

By utilizing these various return options, customers can enjoy a hassle-free return process and get their money back as soon as possible. Plus, using these services can also help reduce the environmental impact of returns by minimizing the distance traveled by packages and the associated carbon emissions.

In summary, if you’re looking to return an Amazon purchase, utilizing an Amazon UPS Access Point or one of the other convenient options available can make the process much simpler. So, next time you need to make a return, remember to consider these options and make the most of Amazon’s excellent customer service.

Returning Amazon Packages through UPS

Returning an Amazon package via UPS is one of the easiest return options you can choose. There’s not much work for you as UPS makes the whole process easy. Its return service is completely free for some clothing items, damaged products, and items that were sent by mistake. UPS also packages and labels the products for you.

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There are two ways to use UPS to return your Amazon order. You can either take it to one of its stores or have a UPS driver come to your house and pick up the package. Keep in mind that most Amazon returns via UPS are free of charge, but if you choose the pick-up method, you’ll have to pay a fee.

UPS Return Methods Explained

When you decide to return an item to Amazon, there are several steps to complete. According to Amazon’s return policy, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it. Their online return center will guide you through the return process.

1. Go to the Amazon website or Amazon app.

2. Log into your Amazon account.

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3. From the Amazon home screen, go to your Orders.

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4. Find the order you want to return and select Return or replace Item. You can find this option right next to the selected order.

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5. Amazon will ask you for a reason for returning the item. Choose the appropriate one from the list that pops up. On this page also pick the refund method.

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6. Find the return method section and pick between the UPS Drop-off or UPS Pickup options.

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7. Press Submit to complete the return.

Once you submit the return, you’ll be able to see the Print and Label Instructions. This step is optional and you should click on that button only if you want to print the shipping label yourself. It’ll take you to a new page from which you can print the label directly. If you can’t print the shipping label yourself, UPS will do it for you free of charge.

UPS Drop-off Method

If you choose to take your package to the nearest UPS store, all you have to do is take the item to them. You don’t need to pack it or print the label. UPS can do that for you. But if you want to save some time, you can pack it in the box you received it, print the label, and attach it to the box.

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Before you go to the UPS store to return the package, check your email. UPS will send you a return shipping code which you have to show to their employee when you arrive at their store.

UPS Pickup Method

If you choose the Pickup Method, the Amazon website should tell you when you can expect the UPS driver to come to your house and take the return package. You will need to pack the item yourself, but you won’t need to print and attach the return label. UPS can do this for you.

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Not all Amazon items are eligible for the UPS pickup return option.

Amazon QR Code Explained

Amazon QR code is a new feature that can be very helpful if you live near a UPS store.

If the item you’re returning is eligible for a no-box-no-label return, you need to choose the Drop-off return method during your return process on Amazon’s website. Amazon will email you a QR code that you can show to the UPS employee in the store. They will scan the QR code and confirm the return of the item. That’s it. You won’t have to worry about packing or labeling the item yourself. However, the QR code doesn’t work if you choose the pick-up return option.

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UPS is not the only service that uses an Amazon QR code to confirm the return of a package. You can use it for all in-store returns at Amazon physical stores and hubs, Kohl’s stores, and some Whole Food Markets. If you’re interested in other services that accept Amazon returns, continue reading.

Other Drop Off Locations for Amazon Return Packages

When you choose your shipping method, you will see other options besides UPS. They are all great alternatives if you don’t have a UPS store near you.

Return the Package to Kohl’s

When you start the Amazon return process, instead of UPS you can choose Kohl’s drop-off. You’ll receive a QR code that you need to present at Kohl’s. After they scan it, they will pack, label, and ship your Amazon product. Their service is free too. You may even get lucky and receive Kohl’s coupon after you make your Amazon returns there.

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Head to Amazon’s Own Physical Stores or a Hub Locker

If you live near an Amazon physical store, or their hub locker, you can use their services to return your package. Stores such as Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Style also need to scan the QR code in order to return an item. Not all items can be returned through the Amazon Store Dropoff option. If your package is not eligible, you’ll be offered other return methods to pick from.

Amazon Hub lockers are another great way to return your package. When you choose this option Amazon will email you a dropoff code that you will insert into the locker’s touchscreen display. Just follow the instructions on the screen to drop off your package in the locker. Note that in order to use Amazon’s physical stores and the Hub locker, your return items have to be properly packaged and boxed.

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Also, you should be aware that Amazon is closing some of its physical stores across the country, and finding one near you can be challenging.

Whole Foods Market Accepts Amazon Returns

When you start the Amazon return process, you can select Whole Foods Market as a drop-off location. But be aware that only some of them accept the no-box free returns. For others, you’ll have to pack and label the package yourself. You can also choose the preferred store, but if the ones near you are not listed, it means those store locations aren’t eligible for returns.

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Again, Amazon will email you the QR code that you need to show to Whole Food Market employees in order to return your package. The returns are made at the store’s access point, either at a return kiosk or a customer service desk.

Try Out DoorDash Service

DoorDash is now offering a new feature: package returns. That means that you can request a Dasher to come to your house and pick up the Amazon package for return. At the moment, they offer to take your package to the nearest UPS, FedEx, USPS, or physical store. But they won’t take your package to the lockers. Their service is not free and your return item has to be packed, sealed, and labeled properly.

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Continue Shopping on Amazon Worry-Free

UPS is a great option for returns, especially if you need to return a large or heavy item. You can schedule a pickup online or by calling UPS. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you may be eligible for free return shipping. Be sure to keep your UPS tracking number so that you can track the status of your return. Have you used UPS to return an Amazon package? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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