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Discover 26 Unknown Cool Internet Tricks

Around the globe, the number of internet users in total is estimated to be more than 4.5 billion. As the internet is being used daily in many ways than one, whether it is for work purposes or just for fun. There are tons of cool internet tricks that some people just don’t know about. In this post, Artificial Geek has collected 26 cool internet tricks that hopefully you didn’t know. As well as making your online experience better.

More to follow but here are 26 quick cool internet tricks I managed to whip up:

1. Find any word or phrase in a webpage

Find any word or phrase in a webpage unknown cool internet tricks

Cannot find any particular word or sentence in an overfilled web page? Nothing is easier than ctrl+f to find it.

Just press ctrl+f on the webpage window and a search display will popup just type the phrase or word your looking for and hit enter.

2. Google in 1998

Want to get a blast from the past? Remember Google back in the ’90s by typing “google in 1998”. You’ll be looking back into the past with the same internet search page that Google used in 1998. Kinda retro right?

Google in 1988 Unknown cool internet tricks

3. Type Animal Sound

This one is very cool for the kids but can be enjoyed by everyone. Search the above phrase “Animal Sound” in to Google and you will be able to hear the real sounds of animals.

Type Animal Sounds Unknown Cool Internet Trics

4. ctrl+d

Like a web site? just press ctrl+d to quickly add it to your favourites. Once bookmarked you can access it anytime in just a single click.

ctrl+d unknown cool internet tricks

5. Search the exact phrase

search the exact phrase unknown cool internet tricks

Searching for a phrase or term on any webpage can be a peice of cake. All you need to do is use the double quotation mark (“”).

Just type anything between the double quotation mark and hit search. Google will show you the results that contain the exact phrase you were looking for.

6. Download anything using the indexing method

Download anything using indexing method unknown cool internet tricks

Want to download any movie, software or song? Stop going through malicious websites to find them.

Just type index of “name of the movie name or software” and hit the enter key. Now you should see a list of links in the google search page. Click ona link and you will be taken to a direct download link. Enjoy.

7. Access Whatsapp in Web Browser

Access Whatsapp in Web Browser unknown cool internet tricks

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Look at the top right corner
  • Click on three dotted bar
  • Then open a web browser on your pc
  • Scan the code
  • Boom! Now you can send messages, receive, etc. just like on your android WhatsApp.

8. Download any YouTube video

download youtube videos unknown cool internet tricks

You can download any YouTube video in just two-steps:

  • Head over to the URL and replace www. to “ss” and hit enter eg: ( to )
  • You will be redirected to a website.
  • Now choose the quality of the video and click download.

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9. Go to Address Bar Without Using Mouse

Go to Address Bar Without Using Mouse

For this press ctrl+l and it will send you straight to the address bar without having to navigate with your mouse.

10. Access search engine in the address bar

Access search engine in the address bar

You can have a search engine ready to go on the address bar just by pressing ctrl+k/ctrl+E. The advantage of using this shortcut is that you won’t need to go back to the search engines homepage.

11. Want to know whether a profile picture is original? (For Phone & PC)

Using this cool internet trick you can search an image using Google images to find related images. Like you’ve seen on the TV Catfish. This helps you verify if a profile picture is real or fake. This method can also be useful in other different ways as well.

Want to know whether a profile picture is original for phone pc 1
Want to know whether a profile picture is original for phone pc unknown internet tricks
  • Screenshot that picture
  • Go to the googles image section
  • You will see a small camera icon
  • Just tap on it and upload the image that you want to check
  • Google will show you the related results. If you find similar images or the same then its probably a fake.
  • For android open google in desktop mode and follow the same steps

12. CTRL + SHIFT + N (Incognito)

CTRL + SHIFT + N unknown cool internet tricks

You can browse the internet in stealth mode quick and easy by using the incognito mode found in many browsers today. By hitting ctrl+shift+N while a normal browser is open will launch an incognito window. Here your browsing actions will not be stored.

13. Download any high-end game for free

Download any high-end game for free

To download any high-end game such as Resident Evil 7, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 visit the website

14. Check Your Internet Speed

Top 25 Ultimate Internet tricks In 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

Want to know how fast your internet speed is? Visit the and click on the big Go button. It will show you all the information about your internet download and upload speed as well as your ping.

15. Offline Webpages

Offline Webpages

Travelling a lot? No internet access while on the move? This is a very cool internet trick you can use to save webpages giving you the ability to read them when you’re offline. For PC and users press ctrl+s and save it. For android, while in your browser click on the three-dotted menu > share > Print > click on the small triangle and save it.

16. Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos Without Sign in

Watch Age-restricted Youtube Videos Without Sign in unknown cool internet tricks

Using this cool internet trick means you don’t have to sign in to watch age-restricted videos on YouTube.

  • Click on the video URL and add “nsfw” before www. and hit enter
  • Now you will be redirected to a different website where you can watch your desired video.

17. See Saved Password in Browser

Sometimes we want to know the passwords that we have saved in our browser but cant normally view due to it being hidden. Here is a cool trick to give you the ability to view your password.

Open the login section of the website and right click > inspect

See Saved Password in Browser

Now change the ******* password into “text” and hit enter, you will now see that your password is visible

See Saved Password in Browser 2 unknown cool internet tricks

18. Check if a Website is Safe or Not

If you have any doubt that a website you visiting is not safe. Then you can use this internet trick to find out the website is legitimate or not.

Just copy the website URL and change to your website name


Example: (“”)

19. Find The Missing Phrase Using Google

It often happens when we forget a specific phrase, quote or song lyric that we have heard during the day.

To find the missing word or words in the phrase you can use Google to help you solve it. Type the phrase in the double quotation marks and fill the missing word with an asterisk (“*”) and hit enter.

Find The Missing Phrase Using Google
Get Direct Download Link Of Any Song unknown cool internet tricks

Tired of searching for songs on websites that are filled with inappropriate ads? Well now after this cool internet trick you will be able to download any song in just a single click.

Just copy the phrase below and replace the “song name” to your desired song and hit enter. Now click on the first link or second link and you will see the direct download link of that song, download and enjoy.

Code: intitle:index.of?song name

Eg:(intitle:index.of?radiohead creep)

21. ctrl+Enter (Let the broweser finish it off)

Type anything in the search bar and press ctrl+Enter. The browser will automatically add the www. and .com to your text. Lazy I know.

22. Directly Get The pdf File

Directly Get The pdf File unknown cool internet tricks

Not really a cool internet trick but I might as well put it in. If there is any information or a topic or maybe a book that you’re looking for. All you need to do is type the words into Google and add pdf to the end. You should find links to a number of pdf files ready for you to download.

23. Find Out The Font Of Any Image

Find Out The Font Of Any Image unknown cool internet tricks

Do you have any images with a very cool and interesting font but your not sure what font was used? Then this little cool internet trick might be helpful to you.

Visit the and upload the image with the unknown font and it will give the exact font name.

24. Use the Browser as a NotePad

Use the Browser as a NotePad

Just copy and paste the given code into your browser and you can easily use chrome or firefox browser as a real notepad

Code: data:text/html,%20<html%20contenteditable>Notepad

25. Play videos or MP3 In Chrome

Yes! You can play any kind of video or song in google chrome just drag the video into the chrome browser and boom! Chrome will play that video for you like any other media player.

26. Mine Bitcoin From a Browser on Your Computer or Mobile Device

Bitcoin Mining CryptoTab

Sign upto CryptoTab and install their chrome like browser and start earning bitcoin in the background. .

This is a free way to start building your bitcoin wallet.

So these were some of the quick cool internet tricks and tips that you should know. If you liked this post then share it on your social media, follow my blog for more posts like this.

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