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Defrag A Windows 10 Machine Improving Performace By 100%

Defrag Windows 10

For many years the term defrag or defragging with computers has been around since the days I can remember. Even though Windows 10 straight out of the box is very good at organizing your system and personal files and folders. It does help to manually defrag a Windows 10 machine now and then. If you class yourself as a heavy user, (say more than 6-8 hours a week) daily, then I would suggest you defrag Windows 10 every week. You can always set a schedule on most defragging software available and just set a time and date for a specific day of the week and your good to go.

Defrag a Windows 10 machine with the built-in defrag tool

Windows has always had its own built-in defrag tool, top help your computer to keep organized and running smoothly. From the desktop press click the “Start –> Windows Administrators Tools –> Defragment and Optimise Drives”

Defrag a windows 10 machine

Once opened select on the hard drive your Windows is located on and select Analyze. this will search through all the files and folders, and analyze how defragmented the drive is.

To start to defrag Windows 10, wait for the analysis to complete and you will be able to select “Optimise”.

Just wait and sit back until the defragging process has finished. You may find that while it is accessing your files and folders, that your computer may become a little sluggish due to everything being accessed at the same time, I usually set it defragging if I’m going out or have something to do.

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