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Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Microsoft Edge is available now

If you’re a gamer, then we suspect you’ve heard a lot about Xbox Cloud Gaming and all the things it’s capable of. Well, it is possible to play video games via Xbox Cloud Gaming through Microsoft Edge, and while the experience was good, it has gotten even better.

Just recently, Microsoft has announced a new feature for Xbox Gaming via Microsoft Edge that is called Clarity Boost. The company says it is one of the latest cloud gaming-related features created for Edge Canary.

What is Clarity Boost for Xbox Gaming and Microsoft Edge?

Cloud gaming via Microsoft Edge is not perfect, which is why the software giant decided to create Clarity Boost. You see, with this feature in play, we can expect an improvement in video quality when playing games through Edge.

According to the one and only Milena Gonzalez, Program Manager at Xbox, the Clarity Boost “feature uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream.”

For now, this feature is exclusive to Microsoft Edge, though there is no certainty Microsoft will make it available for other web browsers in the near future.

What is Microsoft Edge Canary?

Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge Canary are not 100 percent the same. If you’re using the Canary version of Edge, then expect to get updates almost every day. This means, the Canary version of Microsoft Edge is not stable when compared to the regular versions, so expect crashes and performance problems from time to time.

“Want to see what we were working on yesterday? Canary will be released automatically almost every night to keep you up to date on our progress.”

How to try Clarity Booster for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Microsoft Edge Canary:

  1. Download Microsoft Edge Canary
  2. To confirm you are in Microsoft Edge Canary, navigate to edge://settings/help to make sure you are on version 96.0.1033.0 or later.
  3. To enable Clarity Boost, go to, login and start a game
  4. Open the more actions (…) menu
  5. Select Enable Clarity Boost option.

That’s it, you should now be able to play Xbox Cloud games in the web browser at improved performance.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost

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