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How To Change Monitor Brightness Within Windows

Ever been up late at night working hard at your computer screen, and think, this is really bright? I did, so I decided to search the internet for some sort of software that enables me to change monitor brightness right from my desktop. The reason I needed to use an application to do this. It is down to the fact that I’m using a Dell monitor that doesn’t have any buttons to help me adjust the display like most screens.

Anyway, you’ve found this post, because you’ve got a similar problem and looking for a way to dim your screen’s brightness.

Changing monitor brightness?

On my search, I have found two applications that allow you to change monitor brightness straight from your desktop. I can’t say these will work on all displays, but they are free, so if you’re interested, try and see.

First up is Display Tuner, it is pretty cool, but the downside is that it doesn’t work on every display. If it does work on your display, you’ll be able to adjust your brightness, contrast, color, and a few other settings. One thing I love is that you can set individual profiles and use a hotkey to activate them. Ideal if you need different monitor brightness settings during the day.

Download Display Tuner

Second is ScreenBright (My number 1). It does what it needs to and it does it well and easy. Let’s just say, all you need to do is download ScreenBright. No need for you to install anything. Just run the .exe file to run ScreenBright and adjust your brightness, contrast, and even color temp.

Download ScreenBright

Note –

Your monitor needs to support DDC/CI for them to work properly. Even if your monitor does support DDC/CI. There is still a probability that your monitor will not work.

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