CES 2022: The 10 Best New Products That Caught Our Eye

CES 2022: The 10 Best New Products That Caught Our Eye

Even with the ongoing pandemic, tech companies made the most of CES 2022 to unveil a slew of new products in a wide variety of different categories.

Here are some of the best products that caught our eye during the show.

1. Samsung Freestyle

Image Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Freestyle takes entertainment mobile. The device is a projector that can show an image on any surface at any angle up to 100 inches. And that’s far from all.

When not using the projector, it can turn into an ambient lighting device with a special ambient mode and translucent lens cap. On top of that, it can also act as a smart speaker and be controlled with Amazon Alexa or Bixby. There are even many accessories for the device including an adapter that provides power from any traditional light socket.

2. Airthings View Pollution

Airthings has made a name for itself as a great option for anyone looking to better understand the air they are breathing. And at CES, the company was showcasing three of its air quality monitors.

One of the most interesting is the View Pollution. Primarily designed to measure particulate matter indoors, the device can track the particle size range that poses the most direct risk to your health. It will also keep an eye on temperature and humidity. The customizable display allows you to view the information most important to you. And thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, you can see information from anywhere with the smartphone app and comprehensive dashboard.



The BLUETTI NA300 at CES 2022.

BLUETTI was busy at CES showcasing a full lineup of smart home power solutions. The NA300 broke new ground as the first sodium-ion generator in the industry. Some of its features include four 20A ports, up to 3,000 watts of continuous solar input, and remote control via a smartphone app.

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You can pair the generator with the B480 battery pack that features up to 4,800 watt-hours of storage to use anywhere. The company also unveiled the BLUETTI APEX AC500 and the BLUETTI EB3A mini and portable power station.

4. TCL NXTWear Air TV

Image Credit: TCL

The TCL NXTWear Air TV are a different kind of smart glasses. Instead of providing an AR or VR experience, the wearable device acts as a portable and private monitor for your entertainment. They just happen to be shaped like a pair of sunglasses.

And the second-generation device showcased at CES is better than the original in two key aspects. The glasses weigh just 2.6 ounces, 30 percent lighter than the first generation. The design has also been tweaked to make the glasses look more like a traditional pair.

Instead of a standalone display, you’ll need to plug the glasses into a smartphone or laptop via a USB-C DisplayPort. TCL says more than 100 smartphone models are compatible.

5. Arlo Security System

Arlo security system
Image Credit: Arlo

Arlo offers a comprehensive lineup of home security cameras, including video doorbells. And the company is expanding its reach in a big way with the new Arlo Security System.

The system features a built-in siren, motion detector, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensor. A backlit panel offers NFC compatibility so you can disarm the system with a single tap. The security sensor is small, lightweight, and is battery-powered. It can detect motion, door/window openings, water leaks, smoke/CO alarms, and more.

And to no surprise, the system is compatible with Arlo security cameras.

6. AMD’s Ryzen 6000 and Ryzen 7000

AMD Ryzen Chip in Motherboard

The chip war between Intel and AMD is always fun to watch. And at CES, AMD announced two new chips. Ryzen 6000 is made for laptops and uses an all-new architecture—Zen 3+. The chip is fabricated from a 6nm process for better efficiency, a must-have for laptops. On the GPU side, it offers the more modern RDNA 2 architecture sure to make gamers happy.

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Ryzen 7000 chips are for desktops and use the new Zen 4 architecture. With the 5nm process, AMD will be able to add more transistors into the CPU. Other improvements include the ability to use DDR5 memory and PCIe connectivity.

7. CyberPower Kinetic Series PC Case

kinetic series case cyberpowerpc on white background
Image Credit: CyberPowerPC

The CyberPower Kinetic Series PC Case wants to literally be a cool choice for your build. The main feature of the case is its 18 adaptive, individually controlled vents. That will allow the case to improve performance by opening and closing the vents depending on the internal temperature of the desktop.

So when the temperature is high, like when running a demanding program like a video editor, more vents will open to help cool the system. When the system temperature is low, vents will shut to reduce airflow and noise while helping with dust buildup.

The chassis reads your temperature sensors every five seconds.

8. Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung 2022 lifestyle tv
Image Credit: Samsung

To no surprise, Samsung was also busy unveiling a host of new TV options at the show. On the high end, its MICRO LED lineup is available in three different sizes. The 4K and 8K Neo QLED sets also feature improved picture and sound options. The Lifestyle lineup of TVs will also get a nice upgrade with a new matte display with anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint properties.

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Of the three, the Frame is also adding an interesting new feature. With a new smart hub, powering all 2022 Samsung TVs, users can take advantage of an NFT platform to discover, purchase, and trade digital artwork. The platform will also be available on MICRO LED and Neo QLED sets.

All of the TVs will offer a gaming hub thanks to Samsung’s partnership with NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik.

9. Razer X Fossil Gen 6

Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Gaming Set Up
Image Credit: Razer

You probably know Razer as a big name in the world of gaming. But the company announced an interesting new collaboration with Fossil—the Razer X Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch. As you might have guessed, the watch is targeted toward gamers.

The limited-edition watch (with only 1,337 units produced) features three exclusive Razer watch faces and two interchangeable watch bands. Along with a 44mm case, the watch features a 1.28-inch circular display and customizable buttons. Running WearOS 2, the watch also offers many health tracking features heart rate tracking sensor with enhanced signal accuracy, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, and VO2 max.

10. Ring Glass Break Sensor

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor Table
Image Credit: Ring

Ring unveiled another addition to its popular alarm system. The Ring Glass Break Sensor does exactly what the name suggests—listen for and detect sounds of glass breaking. Ring’s sensor, which has a detection range of 25 feet, uses AI technology to help listen and cut down on false alarms.

When the alarm is tripped, you can receive a notification on your smartphone when away from home. It can also automatically trip the siren on the alarm system.

Kicking Off the Year in Tech

While some of the big tech names decided to skip the show, that didn’t slow down the variety of product announcements.

It should be an interesting and fun year in the world of technology.

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