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The Best SEGA Mega Drive Games

I’ve been playing a lot of old games recently, especially on the Sega mega drive. So I’ve decided to make a list of my best SEGA mega drive games and also if you have any games that I’ve missed off, please let me know. If you haven’t already, check out my best emulators for Windows. That should get you started with enjoying some classic games from your childhood.

My List of Best SEGA Mega Drive Games

Let’s start of the list:

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Best-Sega-Mega-Drive-Games

These games aren’t in any specific order, just a collection of what my best SEGA mega drive games are. To be honest there the only games I’ve ever played since I was a kid. I know there are loads more, but which ones are good? Make sure you leave a comment to let me know.

Right, starting of my best SEGA mega drive games is…..

Golden Axe II

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Golden-Axe-II

Even though this game was damn near awesome, I wasn’t much for playing it by myself. The multiplayer on golden axe was cool, you and your mate could battle through the levels, picking one out of three characters. Each character has its only special moves, magic moves, and allowed you to destroy the enemies together. The attention to detail was beautiful as the scenes with the magic, the fact that you could ride these weird multi colour dragon type beats that breathed fire, making you think you were invincible. You’d even fight your friend for it, maybe you did what I did and pretend to attack the enemy and hit your mate by mistake, and then jump on. No…..just me? Never mind.

Sonic The Hedgehog II

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Sonic-II

A year after the great success of the original Sonic the hedgehog, the sequel of the lovable hedgehog came out with some cool features. With the addition of his orange flying friend ”tails” plus enhanced bonus rounds and the ability to play two-player mode. There is no doubt that sonic the hedgehog II was one of the better games of the series.

Ecco The Dolphin

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Ecco_the_Dolphin

When I first played this game, I thought this is cool, till I got to one massive rock. For days I was stuck at that rock, till 4 days ago I kind of cheated and had a look at a guide online on how to get past it. All I can say, after 20 years, I’ve finally got past it. Though this beautiful underwater adventure game kind of reminded me of super Mario 3 on the Nes when you’re on an underwater level. But to be honest Ecco the dolphin was unlike any other game we had seen before. A dolphin trying to rescue his dolphin friends from a mysterious hurricane. But because of its large levels and crafty puzzles, it grabbed the public’s attention, including mine by storm. Each level was full of spectacular detail, not easy on a 16-bit console. But it worked.

Streets of Rage II

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Streets-of-Rage-II

Exactly like SEGA did with Sonic, they included all the good stuff that made streets of rage so fun for players, and then times it by 10! I’m talking about thing like the background music, which once again has some pretty decent tunes, the details on players and scenery has improved immensely, and the bosses, jeez there tougher than normal, that’s good thing though. Plus each character has a special moves, a little bit like Mortal Kombat. Anyway I haven’t got anything bad to say about this really, classic game!


Best Sega Mega Drive Games Aladdin

Being a kid when the Aladdin movie came out, and then getting the chance to play the game, what more could a kid of asked for? Playing this game with its retro soundtrack and comedic characters kind of brought the movie to the game. Even though it wasn’t as tough as Ecco the dolphin, the gameplay was by far so enjoyable to play. Even the mini-games at certain levels were pretty cool. You wouldn’t get tired from playing this game back then, and you wouldn’t know, well I can only speak for me.

The Lion King

Best Sega Mega Drive Games the-lion-king-riding-a-chocobo

Who can’t remember this ‘I want to be a mighty king, with a massive roar!”. This game followed the movie and with the movies, success became a huge hit with SEGA mega drive fans too. With its amazing songs included in the soundtrack, and you controlling Simba through the levels. It made this game a contender for the first spot on my top 10 Sega mega drive games, that’s if I created one. I don’t know why but all I remember from this game is the simple puzzles you had to sort out from the dangling monkeys throwing Simba around. Oh, who can forget the pink ostrich?

Taz Mania

Best Sega Mega Drive Games Taz-Mania

Who could forget this likable character, who had the power to twist and turn like a hurricane? Though the gameplay was pretty simple, if you were a fan of Taz Mania the character, you enjoyed the game. The beautiful colors made the game feel warm, but for me, it didn’t stick for long. After playing for a few days, I kind of got bored, I don’t know if it was the levels or the storyline, but it seemed like it was missing something. Anyway, it still made my best SEGA mega drive games list.


Best Sega Mega Drive Games paperboy-usa-europe

Damn this game took a lot of hours of my life. Being so simple yet so challenging to make it an unforgettable game for me. If you haven’t played it, and apparently a few of my friends have even heard of it. You’re a kid with a paper route, and you need to deliver the newspapers of a street, while dodging obstacles on the way. For a game on a 16-bit console, you kind of expected the visuals you got. They weren’t anything special, it was just a game that could get addictive that made it so popular. There was a nice little bonus after each street if you completed the newspaper round. But you’re going to have to give it ago, if you want to find out. Let me know what you think?

FIFA Soccer 96

Best Sega Mega Drive Games FIFA_Soccer_96

The game that started my FIFA love, and an obsession. This wasn’t a great game that it is now, but the fact that it was football or soccer as EA and America named it, was good for a football fan. I haven’t even played this on an emulator yet, but it always sticks into my mind. I don’t think they had player names or did they? Maybe someone could let me know about that. Comparing it to footballs now, the graphics on FIFA Soccer 96 weren’t the best, they seemed very pixelated compared to games like lion king, etc., and even the AI wasn’t all that good either, but what can you expect from a FIFA game on the SEGA mega drive. The only good thing about this game is the fact you can run down the right-wing, and shoot from midway in the opposition half, and score a pretty cool goal all the time. Let me know if you used the same tactic, ha-ha.

Jurassic Park

Best Sega Mega Drive Games jurassic_park

This is the last game I can remember playing on the Sega mega drive. Not a big hit in my eyes, but I’ve still got to add it to my list. Like I said at the beginning, these are the best SEGA mega drive games I’ve played. I can’t comment on something that I’ve never played before. Anyway, this game was just interesting to play because of the actual film. I even think it was pretty hard to play as well, I remember just like I did in Ecco the dolphin, I didn’t get very far, and kind of gave up and went back to one of the others games I enjoyed. The graphic wasn’t the best but it was challenging as I mentioned. Maybe one day I’ll give it a go again and see what I think.

That’s my list for the best SEGA mega drive games. If you have any recommendations please comment below, as I’m always looking for new games to give a try.

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