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Age of Empires Wars of Liberty

Age of Empires III is by far still an enjoyable and popular game by most PC gamers. But what if I could tell you that you can enhance the game even more by installing a third-party mod giving you more features, stunning graphics and plenty of new civilisations to get your hands on? Age of Empires Wars of Liberty adds 40+ civilisations, 60+ world maps, gameplay changes and incredible music. Wars of Liberty is miles ahead of its competition.

Wars of Liberty Airfield

“A model for Age of Empires 4”

“Wars of Liberty has been voted Best Mod for Age of Empires 3… Relic should watch closely to make Age of Empires 4 right.” —GameStar Magazine

Wars of Liberty – Civilizations

Wars of Liberty expanded Age of Empires III’s original concept of cultures by adding five new ones. We’re also in the process of adding even more cultures: the Middle Easterners and the Polynesians. A culture is a set of civilizations that shares a number of characteristics that can range from units and building sets to gameplay mechanics such as styles of ageing up. They generally represent a specific geographical region. Choose a culture below to read more about it and the civilizations it includes:

Wars of Liberty Civilizations


We noticed how Ensemble Studios introduced its new civilizations in the expansions: as cultures. The Asians, for example, share a lot of similarities but are very different from the Europeans. Following that logic, Wars of Liberty introduces five new cultures, and adds civilizations to the original ones.

Don’t Miss

  • Each culture has a unique age up system
  • Each culture also has a “cultural building” that performs a unique function
  • Sometimes we will add civilizations that don’t match any culture: we call them the Standalones

Try these Wars of Liberty civilizations if you like…

Age of Mythology
  • Greeks
  • Romanians
  • Egyptians
  • Danes
  • Tupi
  • Inca
  • Mapuche
Age of Empires II
  • Maltese
  • Sioux
  • Aztec
  • Ethiopians
  • Zulu
  • Chileans
Warcraft III
  • Swedes
  • Canadians
  • Romanians
Civilization 5
  • Italians
  • Germans
  • Habsburgs
  • Paraguayans
  • Mexicans
Rise of Nations
  • Egyptians
  • Ethiopians
  • Zulu
  • Koreans
  • Americans
  • Australians
  • Colombians

“Each civilization has its own unique gameplay that will turn Age of Empires III into a great new RTS experience” — ModDB Editorial

Wars of Liberty – Maps

A whole new world to explore. Wars of Liberty adds maps from all over the world. In fact, we plan to add the entire world!

Wars of Liberty Maps
  • Many new terrains, trees, berries, and plants!
  • Wild animals, huntables, herdables, and guardians!
  • New mines – coal, diamond, jade, rubber tree…
  • Custom trade routes show regional units. Some maps even include naval trade routes!

New settlements – Wars of Liberty includes tons of new native settlements. Meet the new South American natives, the Latin American towns, the African Commodities and the European Villages.



Players start in random positions, protected by the mountains. Several Villages can be found also in random positions. The shape of the river is also random. Very defensive map, easy to wall.

Wars of Liberty australia


This massive map offers unique and diverse fauna, flora and native types. Two trade routes across the continent.


Black Forest

The German forest is dense and hard to cross. There will always be one Village for each player. Map is surrounded by a trade route. Hunt is plentyful.

Wars of Liberty 176

British Isles

Trade Routes on this map start as locomotives. Players start dangerously close. Villages can be found on the Hebrides and the Isle of Man.


The Cave

Mines are cluttered inside the cave labyrinth. Fight for the forests that appear where the sun breaks through.

Wars of Liberty 15


Bandeirante, Jesuit, and Guarani settlements may appear on this map. Use the low cliffs to avoid enemy melee units.

Wars of Liberty 14


Will you start above or below the garden? Defeat the guardians that protect the Bell Tower and gain LOS for the entire map.


Ethiopian Highlands

One trade route divides the teams. Players must cross the desert to fight each other. There will always be an African Commodity close to each player.

Wars of Liberty 13

Great Zimbabwe

Southern Africa’s mysterious medieval ruins have been reimagined in this map. The enclosure provides a big economic bonus to whoever can capture it.



The lush forests of the Big Island provide abundant natural resources. An alliance with the native Hawaiians could be very powerful, indeed. But be careful – the floor is lava!

Wars of Liberty 11

Iberian Peninsula

Players start with a church. Expect the Tagus River to make attacking your enemy difficult. Features a water trade route.

Wars of Liberty 12


The waters are rich in this map. Don’t get too close to the volcanoes, or you’ll get burned.



The huge baobab trees offer infinite wood, so you’d better find them.

Wars of Liberty 9

The Moon

How did you get here? I don’t know. But I want it! Projectiles move quite slow here.

Wars of Liberty 8

New Zealand

Two islands. You may either appear on the larger one, with more space to build, or the smaller one, with more native allies.

Wars of Liberty 7

Polynesian Atoll

Players start in a circular position. You can find plenty of fish both in the ocean and inside the atoll. Lots of natives.

Wars of Liberty 6


Trees are scarce in this map, divided by a trade route. You may either start in the desert or the savannah.

Wars of Liberty 3


Players start in a circle, and the map is divided by a trade route. There will always be two Villages. Lakes everywhere make expansion difficult, but make walling easier. Three different seasons: Summer, Winter and deep Winter determine the amount of wildlife you will find.

Wars of Liberty 5


This beautiful map is rich in resources. Players start with grapevines, but trees are generally only found at the corners. The map is crossed by many trade routes, each lined with scenic cypress trees. Villages can appear anywhere.


Van Diemen’s Land

Players start in a semi-circular position. There’s always a native on the island.

…and much more! Wars of Liberty features over 60 new random maps. They will be added to this page over time.

“houses the entire history of America and Africa.” — TecMundo

Wars of Liverty Gamplay Changes


Wars of Liberty remade the church entirely. Now it’s available for all civilizations in the game and lets you select a religion, enabling a new resource: faith. With faith, you can train priests, which are now much more strategic, and research new religious technologies with amazing and game-twisting effects. Currently, there are 16 different religions, and each civilization has access to 2, plus Laicism (No Religion).






Spies are stronger than ever! Now all civilizations have access to a new building, the Safehouse, which lets you train spies. This stealthy unit is capable of planting landmines, stealthy kills and detonate bombs on enemy buildings. Watch out: Town Centers cannot reveal spies anymore, so you’ll have to counter them with your explorer or with your own spies.

Great War

The Great War is still a Work in Progress, but the team is working hard to include it in a future Patch!

Who said Imperial Age was the limit? In Wars of Liberty, you’ll reach the sixth age, Great War! At this highly expensive age, you’ll have access to the ultimate technologies and three new types of units: airplanes, tanks and dreadnoughts!


You will notice some cultures have nasty tricks to deal with invading empires. One of them is fire, which can be started in several different ways. If you see a fire, send villagers to put it out before it spreads – or it may quickly consume your colony!

Everything is better in high-definition

We all know Age of Empires III is a 10-year-old game. And that poor 1024×768 resolution won’t last much longer. In Wars of Liberty, all user interface images are four times the original resolution, so when stretched, everything will still look sharp – even in large monitors.

Personality traits

Is Artificial Intelligence too predictable? In Wars of Liberty, the AI starts with a random personality trait that grants them a unique bonus in that game. They’ll give hints of their current personality during the game. The traits are random, but you’ll see some Leaders get some traits more often than others. There are 30 different personality traits.


Starts with a covered wagon
“It is not the well-fed long-haired man I fear, but the pale and hungry-looking.”


Militia spawns continuously
“You have all these rules and you think they’ll save you.”


No bonus at all
“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”

Maps with special events

Bored of the usual gameplay? Some Wars of Liberty random maps have special game twists for you. Avoid the dangerous area in the Bermuda Triangle or the headless knight in Deathly Hollows. Hold your breath on the Moon, keep an eye on the fog-of-war reset in the Congo.


  • Latin Americans Coronels may start an Incendio
  • Serbians Can set fire to their own buildings
  • Inca Monument start wildfires


All villagers can quickly put down a fire and don’t get very injured; fire is devastating against buildings and will hurt military units as well. But keep in mind that fire burns both ways.

Don’t Miss

  • The Latin American Coronel, the Serbian buildings and the Inca Monument’s Wildfire are the current ways to start a fire
  • When someone trains enough spies, everyone will receive a warning
  • Spies can attack even in stealth mode
  • Priests can instantly kill any unit, but it takes time
  • Don’t ignore religion; upgraded priests can be very powerful and religious techs have serious effects
  • The headless knight, Dullahan, will always attack the one he judges weakest

Wars of Liberty Music

Songs for every situation

We always want to pay special attention to sound in our mod. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the buzz from Beehives and water-dropping inside The Cave. Habsburgs play a Wedding March when they age up. Sounds are very important to create the appropriate environment for a good Age of Empires match.

We love music – however, none of us is capable of composing new songs. So, we searched all over the internet for the best songs possible for our mod, and what a selection we got!

Not only do all game modes receive new songs, but you will also notice that at the beginning of every match, but there’s also a specific song for the civilization you’re playing, which adds a nice touch of individuality to each nation.

Eventually you’ll notice we have added a couple of hidden songs… try training 10 spies and see what happens…

You can hear our soundtrack by opening the following folder in your Wars of Liberty installation: Sound\Wotta\Music.

Download Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty

Most Recent Patch

Patch 1.0.12b, “The Icefix,” was released November 6, 2019. Download it here >>

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