Created in 2015 Artificial Geek was designed to deliver Windows & Linux tutorials, digital tips and more.

Want to improve the performance of your Windows/Linux machine? Need a tutorial to help you through an idea or problem? Or just looking for some awesome tips?

This is the domain for you!

Five years later, 2020 is the year Artificial Geek gets a breath of fresh air and a relaunch!

I’m still sticking to what this geek knows best.

Plus, I’m also launching a new concept idea to help readers on a one on one basis called Remote Geek. (A remote assistance service for a fee using TeamViewer) Interested? Click here to find out about Remote Geek.

Need Something? Perhaps you need a tutorial on a topic I haven’t posted about yet? Don’t worry, I’m happy for you to contact me.

Right, so now you know a bit about how Artificial Geek was created.


I’m the geek behind the firewall who enjoys messing around with Windows/Linux and any other type of technology that takes my fancy. I’m also the dude that others seek out when they have a computer problem. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy helping a lending hand but it can be a bit time consuming.

Lee Copp About

That’s the whole reason I decided to create Artificial Geek in the first place. To share my knowledge so that others can benefit from what I know all in one place at the touch of a mouse.

Like I mentioned before. If I haven’t created a post or tutorial that you’re eager to read about. Get those fingertips tapping and ping me an email at Contact[at]ArtificialGeek[dot]com. I’ll try and respond ASAP.

Or need a more hand on approach contact me about using the Remote Geek service here.

All around us the universe is connected. Its only right that I want to do the same and connect to my readers as well. Follow Artificial Geek on the social avenues below.

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