99+ Alternative Search Engines You Need To Know

99+ Alternative Search Engines You Need To Know

If someone asks you, off the top of your head, which search engines you use or are familiar with, chances are you’ll name the usual suspects: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The Internet, on the other hand, is a huge place with a plethora of search engines that can appeal to very specific needs.
Search Engines in General

We’re ignoring the well-known search engines, so you won’t find Google, Yahoo, or Bing on this list. There are a plethora of other search engines online.

AOL – AOL provides search results along with AOL content. It helps you to search for web sites, photos and videos, news, tools, and more, and it also has filtering options.
Yandex – Yandex is a Russian internet provider that provides a search engine, email, maps, and other services. Its search service allows you to look for photographs, videos, and other content.
ScrubTheWeb – ScrubTheWeb provides organic search results and enables users to search for web pages that are only accessible to members.
Ecosia – Ecosia is an online search engine that donates 80% of its profits to tree planting. It allows you to search the internet, photographs, news, videos, and other resources.
MyWebSearch – MyWebSearch is a search engine that displays Google results. It allows you to search the internet, photos and videos, news, shopping items, charts, and other resources.
Teoma – Teoma is a search engine that uses its own relation popularity algorithm. It allows users to search the internet, photos and videos, news, recipes, and other tools.
InfoSpace – InfoSpace is a company that provides white-label search and monetization solutions. Its integrated search engine allows you to find web sites, photos and videos, and news.
Giga Blast – Giga Blast indexes billions of pages and provides instant access to the most up-to-date information. It allows you to browse only for web sites, but with filters to improve your search results.

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Local Search Engines

Baidu is China’s search engine for websites, news, maps, images, and audio and video files. It also displays meanings and allows you to search using photos. and more Yam, Youdao, and Sogou are Chinese search engines.
Naver – Naver is South Korea’s first web portal, offering web search, descriptions, photos, news, blogs, videos, and more, in addition to other web services. and more Daum and Nate are South Korean search engines.
Goo – Goo is a Japanese Internet search engine and web portal that crawls mainly Japanese websites and allows users to search for web, photos, blogs, maps, and even definitions. and more Search engines in Japan: Biglobe
Rambler – Rambler is a Russian web portal that provides services such as a search engine, email, a news portal, a finance portal, and so on. It allows users to browse the site and photos and provides filtering options.
Seznam – Seznam is a Czech Republic web portal and search engine. It enables anyone to search for web pages, charts, images and videos, descriptions, items, and other information.
SAPO – Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses is a service provider in Portugal. It provides a search engine for searching the internet, photos and videos, news, and blogs.
Virgilio – Virgilio is an Italian web portal and search engine that allows users to find web sites, photos and videos, businesses, and maps. Additional Italian search engines:
Walla Libero – Walla is an Israeli web portal that offers news, search, and email services. It enables site, picture, work, and product searches, among other things.
Diri is a Bulgarian web portal that offers search, news, and other services. It helps you to scan the web, meanings, flights, blogs, music, and videos, among other items.
Search – Search is a Swiss search engine and web portal that provides weather, maps, cinema, and other services. It just helps you to browse for web pages.
Najdi – Najdi is a search engine designed specifically for the Republic of Macedonia. Unlike other search engines, it does not crawl sites for content, instead of relying on RSS or other XML sources.
Search Nigeria – Search Nigeria is a search engine and forum on the internet. It allows users to browse web sites, photos and videos, news, blogs, and other tools.
Das Oertliche – Das Oertliche is a German web portal and local directory that allows users to search for public places by phone number, name, or street address.

Search Engines for Children

These search engines provide a search service for children that filters out age-inappropriate materials that are unacceptable for use by children.

Social Media Search Engines

  • Social Mention – Search for social media mentions and understand social trends.
  • IceRocket – Search blogs and social networks
  • Websta – Search Instagram for Instagram tags, user accounts, boards and more
  • SocialSeeking – Search across various social networks and media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.
  • Social Searcher – Search for public information from networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more.
  • Pixnet – An online mobile photo-sharing and networking service. Provides search for publicly available information including web posts, images and more.

Image & Icon Search Engines

  • Iconfinder – A repository and search engine for free and premium icons.
  • Image Search – Find photos from Facebook, Flickr, Zooomr, MySpace, Photobucket, Corbis and more.
  • TinEye – A reverse image search engine that allows people to search images using images.
  • Picsearch – Search for images on the Web.
  • TwicsyA search engine for Twitter pictures
  • Spezify – Search for images from social networks like Instagram, Facebook and others.

Search Engines for Information

Ask – Ask is a question-and-answer forum as well as a search engine that allows you to search for site, photos, videos, and news. You may also ask questions to get fast responses.
eHow – eHow is one of the oldest question and answer websites, allowing users to search for information on almost any subject, from home decor to food, and from finance to legal.
Answers – Answers is a question-answer engine and community that allows users to look for answers. You may ask questions directly to the platform, and it will respond accurately.
Wolfram Alpha – Wolfram Alpha is computational information and search engine that finds pictures, solves equations, and does a lot of other things.
ChaCha – ChaCha is a search engine that is guided by humans. Its website offers free, real-time answers to every question. It also publishes online galleries and quizzes.
Quora – A question-and-answer forum where you can get advice and insights from real people about real-life experiences.

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Private Internet Search Engines

DuckDuckGo – DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that prioritises privacy and enables users to search for site, images and videos, descriptions, and stocks.
Qwant – Qwant is an anonymous online search engine based in France. It claims not to monitor its users when providing internet, news, images and videos, and other services.
Startpage – Startpage is a Google-powered search engine that is both secure and private. It allows users to search for web pages, photographs, and videos, among other things.

Metasearch Engines

  • Dogpile – Fetches from Google, Yandex and Yahoo
  • Nigma – An innovative Russian metasearch engine
  • OpenText – Fetches from Google, Bing and others
  • Fagan Finder – A search engine listing tool

More metasearch engines: WebCrawler , ZapMeta, Excite, Yippy, Qrobe

Search Engines to Search for People

  • Spokeo – aggregates data from online and offline sources and allows searching using a name, email, phone number, username or address.
  • Piplfinds info about people that cannot be found on regular search engines by name, username, phone number and email.
  • PeekYou – indexes people from various social networks by name, email, phone, address, location and more.
  • Vebidooindexes publicly accessible information about people and lets you search them using name, location and more.
  • Spysee – A next-generation people search engine geared towards social networks.

Search Engines for News

  • Digg – A news aggregator and curator
  • YouGotTheNews – A search engine for US news and articles
  • NewsLookup – Search for latest and trending global news
  • Elephind – A search engine for finding historical news.
  • NewsLibrary – A library cum search engine for find facts and news

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Search Engines to Search Blogs

The following are search engines to search for niche blogs based on blog categories.

Other Search Engines

  • DMOZ – DMOZ is a multilingual open directory of the Internet. It uses a hierarchical ontology scheme for organizing site listings and lets you search for websites.
  • Food Blog Search – Food Blog Search is a food recipe search engine powered by Google Custom Search. It lets you find recipes from 1000+ blogs and sites across the web.
  • Swoogle – Swoogle is a search engine for semantic web ontologies, documents, terms and data published on the Internet. It’s not a regular search engine unlike others.
  • SimilarSiteSearchSimilarSiteSearch helps you find similar, related or alternative websites.
  • ShodanShodan is a search engine that lets users find devices (computers, routers, servers, etc.) connected to the Internet. It collects data mostly from public web servers.
  • Blackle – Blackle is powered by Google Custom Search and aims to save energy by displaying a black background. It allows users to search for web pages and images.
  • Blinkx – Blinkx is a web media platform with an index of over 35 million hours of videos. It allows people to browse videos using sections and search for videos.
  • NerdyData – NerdyData is a geek’s search engine that allows programming enthusiasts search for technologies, languages, libraries and much more.
  • SearchCode – SearchCode is a source code and documentation search engine, providing programmers the ability to search for functions or code snippets.
  • Open HUB Code Search – Open HUB Code Search is a search engine for coders, allowing programming enthusiasts to search for relevant open source code, functions and more.
  • Polyvore – Polyvore is a community-powered social commerce website, allowing you to discover and search for latest trends in fashion and beauty.
  • Yummly – Yummly is a repository and search engine for foodies. It lets people search and explore food recipes – available in various categories (even seasonal).
  • Pronto – Pronto is a price comparison and product finding service that allows anyone search for products across large range of retailers and stores.
  • Discounto – Discounto allows its users to search and acquire discounts and offers from various retailers and local shopkeepers. It also informs of latest and awaited offers for popular items.
  • AZLyrics – AZLyrics is a lyrics portal and search engine, which searches for lyrics using any phrase or song or album name and shows the lyrics of your favorite song.
  • AnooX – AnooX is a social search engine that allows searching for web pages. Unlike many other SEs, it claims to use people’s rating for listing its search results.
  • OneLook – OneLook is a search engine for words and phrases. It lets you search for words or meanings in 1000+ dictionaries and is even capable of making reverse lookups.
  • GoodSearch – GoodSearch is an online shopping site with a search engine that helps you find deals and coupons in major retailers. It donates part of the purchase price of items you find and buy on GoodSearch.

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