6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Link Shortener

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Link Shortener

Link shorteners are handy tools for both professionals and consumers. It allows users to reduce lengthy URLs into something more manageable. They can also use this tool to translate gibberish addresses into something more understandable.

But is that all there is to it? Let’s take a look at the capabilities of URL shorteners today and what they can do for you.

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Just about everyone is on social media. Platforms like TikTok and Twitter are insanely popular; thus, it’s wise for you to share your web address there, especially if you want to reach as many people as possible.

However, people’s attention spans are pretty short on those platforms. Because of the volume of content available there, whatever you post should be short, catchy, and punchy. There’s also the issue where most posts only have limited characters or time. Take Twitter, where you can only post a maximum of 280 characters at a time. That means if you want to share a pretty long URL, you’re pretty much taking up the entire post, thus giving you less space to share what you want.

You can also look at TikTok, where you can place links on your videos. If you don’t shorten the link you’re sharing, you’ll end having half the screen covered in letters. Using a link shortener can reduce the address length, thus giving you more space for more important things.


2. Make URLs Friendly and Memorable

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While website addresses are typically simple and easy to remember, they can eventually get long, winded, and confusing.

For example, you put your resume and portfolio on Google Drive to share with prospective employers. When you share the link to the file, Google will generate this long-winded address: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d1f5bpT55X5kFTyvGl9PzLfGp30bJwN3/view?usp=sharing. While people can easily click on this online, what if you want to put this on a calling card? Typing the above address is awkward, and mistypes could lead to frustration. It’s also near impossible to remember unless the person you’re talking to has a photographic memory.

So, instead of using this long address, you can use a URL shortener to cut this down into a human-readable address, like bit.ly/Your-Name-Resume-2022. This makes the link descriptive, so the person clicking on the link will know what to expect.

3. Branding and Marketing

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One of the most valuable things you can do with link shorteners is create branded links. That means you can change the link to match your brand and marketing programs. While pages on your own website will use your website’s address, that is not true for other tools you may use.

For example, if you use Google Forms to create a questionnaire, the form’s address will be a generic Google link. But if you use a link shortener, you can then change this address to something that reflects your brand more.

You can also use link shorteners to reflect events and promotions in your links. So when you share a link to a promo, you can change it to show what it is about, like yourcompany.com/third-anniversary-discount. That way, the URL changes from just an address to a page to a marketing tool.

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4. Tracking Clicks and More

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When you’re running a marketing program, information is king. Knowing your audience’s demographics will better understand how to interact with them and serve their needs. One way you can track them is through URL shorteners.

That’s because URL shorteners don’t just reduce the length of your address. You can also use them to find out where your visitors are physically located, how they found your page, what device they were using when they accessed the link and more.

These metrics will help you determine if your advertising and marketing efforts are hitting your desired targets. With this information, you can create better strategies for more favorable outcomes. You can then connect better with the people you want to serve.

5. Deep Linking to Apps

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If you developed an app for your business, you probably want your users to sign up and use it. Aside from running a robust marketing campaign, one way you can encourage its use is by deep linking. This method redirects links from opening in the browser to the app.

For example, suppose you’re a coffee shop, and you’ve just made a new blend. Instead of linking your web address on the order now button on your Instagram Story, you can use deep linking to open your ordering app automatically. This feature makes it simple for your followers to interact with your brand, allowing them to order that drink directly from the link. They no longer have to open your webpage and log in manually.

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6. Get More Clicks

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Short, customized links make it easier for your followers to click or tap on. That’s because they know if your name or brand is on it, you’re vouching for the contents of that link. So if they trust you, they know that they could trust what’s behind that link.

Short links also rank better in search results compared, thus allowing your page to come out earlier in search engine results over sites that don’t have a short, descriptive URL.

It’s More Than Just a Short Address

Link shorteners are valuable tools in the internet age. Not only do they make links manageable and easier to understand, but they can also make links memorable and easy to type. But, more than that, you can use this tool to customize generic links into something uniquely yours.

The link shortener is usable for both companies and consumers. If you’re a business, you can use it to track marketing performance, build trust with your audience, and even promote the use of your app. For consumers, you can use this to personalize links, so you can say that whatever you share can bear your name. You even use this to see if the person you sent the link to has opened it or not.

Best of all, link shorteners are generally free to use, especially at the consumer level. Some link shortener brands even offer free business use, although at limited capacity compared to their paid plans. Whatever the case, all you need to get a short link is to visit a provider’s page, make an account, and start shrinking links.

3 Ways to Quickly Shorten URLs Straight From Your Browser

In a world of microblogging and mega long links, URL shortening can be insanely useful. These tools will let you shorten URLs quickly and easily.

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