17 Classic PC Games You Should Be Playing

Some of you may think that the best PC games ever made are currently being brought out right now by the latest video game companies, and I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong in that. To be honest, there are some awesome game titles out there today, but for me and many others, I know most of them cant even begin to compare to some of the classic PC games that were created back in the days when PC was still young. Many of these games helped developers not only define the PC gaming era but also paved the way for inspiring the most popular gaming franchises you see today. The best thing about classic PC games? They can even be played on the most basic of gaming laptops.

Artificial Geek takes a look at 17 classic PC games you should play, so you can understand how far PC gaming has come and enjoyed everything the classic era had to offer PC gamers. I’m sure you’ll find these 17 titles engaging today as they were back in the day and you might find that you like some of these classic games more than the modern versions or any other counterparts you can find today.

Here Are 17 Classic PC Games You Should Be Playing

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Wolfenstein 3D


When talking about classic PC games the name Wolfenstein always comes up. Being the first of its kind, Wolfenstein 3D created the first-person shooter genre, and without it, you wouldn’t have the games you have today. Wolfenstein, with its Nazi backdrop, was an instant hit for fans of the series. Even though the game has a lack of Z-axis, you can still run through many different dungeons, and even find online some fan-made levels that can keep you busy for hours.



With the hude success of Wolfenstein 3D. the creators ID Softweare took it to the next level with their DOOM series. This awesome games pits you against a range of monsters with far more graphic detail compared to Wolfenstein 3D. ID Software made a massive impact in the gaming word back in the 90s with its graphic content showing monsters cut open and blood pouring our everywhere. Who knew back then that this game would still be an iconic first person shooter.

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FIFA 98 – Road To The World Cup

17 Classic PC Games You Should Be Playing FIFA 98 Road To The World Cup

As we all know FIFA has become one of the biggest game titles in the world, on so many platforms. FIFA 98 – Road To The World Cup was the second 3D football game developed by EA Games and made a massive impact in the PC and 32-bit console world. You might need a mod to get this game working on newer operating system: Link Here

Oregon Trail


Designed to originally be a teaching aid to help students learn how difficult life was in the pioneer days. But instead, it found a much larger audience in the gaming world and even today it still has a mass following, pretty much like a cult. Being one of the oldest games on the list, its still one of the most unforgiving games ever played. Anyone who played the game will remember this quote, “You have died of dysentery!”

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Prince of Persia


One of the most impressive games to come from the classic PC era, Prince of Persia offered surprisingly realistic control over your character allowing him to walk, run, climb, crouch and more. Designed to last for only one hour, you are racing against the clock to escape your prison and rescue the princess in this timed adventure game. Though to be honest, how many of you played it for just an hour? Like any other game I play, I spent countless hours trying to find the best routes and bonuses throughout the entire game.

Secret of Monkey Island


In addition to classic Star Wars games, LucasArts also created several different point and click adventure games that have stood the test of time and are still great plays even today.  The secret of Monkey Island was created and based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney and focused on exploration and gameplay much more than just keeping your character alive as in the Questline of games.  It was praised for its humour, visuals and gameplay and has stood the test of time as one of the very best point and click adventure games ever released for the PC.

SimCity 2000


Perhaps the best city builder game of all time. Not to say it doesn’t lack some of the multi-city cooperation options found in the later titles, but if you compared it to the most recent SimCity title, SimCity 2000 would win every time. If you haven’t played it before, stop reading this and start playing it. Even playing the older SimCity will give you a little knowledge of where this genre of games came from.

Command & Conquer

forest02 Command and Conquer Classic PC Games

One of the most iconic games of the real-time strategy franchises of all the time. Command & Conquer allows you to take command of soldiers, tanks, and even fighter jets as you try and battle against your enemies. That popular still, EA the developers of C&C have created a package that contains all 17, yes 17 games, for you to download and install, giving you plenty of enjoyable gaming hours.

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Championship Manager 2001/02

Classic PC Games Championship Manager 01 02

Hitting a sweet spot between the level of detail and the speed with which it could be played, there are many reasons why CM01/02 retains a special place in the hearts of those who immersed themselves in its data. Unlike the new versions, the AI is fairly basic and you can’t micro-manage the development of your players, but you can push through half a season in a three-hour train journey with Mike Duff, Mark Kerr and Cherno Samba as the spine of your team. There’s a lot to be said for that. 

Star Wars: Xwing/Tie Fighter


I might be bias but space games are just awesome and space sims are hands down of the best times you will ever have on your PC. And playing an epic sim of one of the most popular franchises known is even better. For the first time, Star Wars fans could take control of their favourite spaceship and blast their enemies out of space. The cool Tie Fighter gave players a chance to play the bad guys as you attempted to wipe our the rebels from existence.

Sid Meier’s Civilization II

medi_Egypt Civilization Classic PC Games

In the 90s and early 20s, turn-based strategy games were all the rage, and with Sid Meier being the most popular choices. His Civilization games changed gaming as we know it now and Sid Meier succeeded in creating one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time. The launch of Civilization II, brought a whole new level to the gameplay and even offered gamers a chance to mod their own experiences, plus adding the ability to play online against each other. For most PC gamers this is the title to get and is a far better experience than any previous or future release. Not saying that newer versions aren’t great.

King’s Quest

maxresdefault Kings Quest Classic PC Games

Nothing says the 90s like Sierra’s King’s Quest series of games.  One thing all of these games have in common is the developers love of killing your character.  You will never play a more fragile hero in any game but at the same time watching your character die has never been more fun.  When I played them, half the fun was figuring out different ways to kill off your hero.  Of course, if death isn’t your thing, you could always figure out how to be the hero and save the day.

Duke Nukem 3D

ss_ca3097505b5609ecb09ec5366de1af139f667d55.600x338 Classic PC Games

First-person shooters in the ’90s can be summed up with just 3 words, Duke Nukem 3D. Loud, fast and filled with explosions, the Duke Nukem series quickly became one of the most popular first-person shooters back in the day.

Space Quest


Another line of games from Sierra, these titles take you on a similar adventure as the King’s Quest line of games only they are set in a more comic sci-fi setting.  Originally released in the late 80s, these games would go on to be one of the defining titles of early PC gaming alongside other greats like King’s Quest and some of the earliest real-time strategy games.  If you enjoy an adventure in a sci-fi setting, these are the games for you.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

screenshot763-3 Classic PC Games

The game that started I all for Warcraft! Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was the very first game in which would become an insanely popular franchise for Blizzard. In this real-time strategy, however, will take you on a journey and introduce you to the world of Azeroth, and the beginning of the huge backstory that goes with World of Warcraft. If your a modern World of Warcraft fan, I recommend playing this iconic game and others so you can learn more about the lore surroundings in the franchise. And even live through some of the epic battles that are referred to in the hugely successful MMO.


184087-starcraft Classic PC Games

I almost didn’t put StarCraft on the list, but not because it’s not worth playing, but because there was no need to remind everyone.  It took Blizzard over a decade to release a sequel to this game, and they still had a huge array of players enjoying the game every day.  StarCraft is much like other real-time strategy games created by Blizzard and it will feel very familiar.  It’s still a worthy game to play, however, as it offers a degree of difficulty that can only be found in classic games that gives you a true sense of accomplishment once you complete the game.

Full Throttle

95832-Full_Throttle_(CD_DOS)-4 Classic PC Games

Yet another point and click adventure game made by LucasArts, Full Throttle places you in the year 2040 as the leader of a biker gang.  The point and click adventure style of the game along with a unique graphic style and story helped propel this little game featuring Mark Hamill in a voice acting role to becoming one of the bigger hits of the mid-90s.

This is only a start to some of the best classic games ever to be made for the PC, in what I like to call the classic era. Let me know if you agree with the list we’ve put together, or if you think of another game that should make the list. If we get enough comments, we might just put together a second list. Until then, Artificial Geek hopes you enjoyed this list of classic PC games and hope you have some fun playing them.

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