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11 Fun, Virtual Mother’s Day Activities to Enjoy When You Can’t Celebrate Together

Over the past few years, online activities and celebrations with loved ones have become the new norm. Even though you probably want to see your mom in person for Mother’s Day, it might not be possible. But that doesn’t stop you from making her feel special!

Take a look at this list if you’d like some help coming up with meaningful virtual activities to do this Mother’s Day.

1. Hold a Virtual Wine Tasting

For those who love sipping some vino with their moms, this is the perfect activity. Believe it or not, virtual wine tastings are a big thing, and it’s an experience you and your mom won’t forget.

There are several different virtual wine tastings available these days, hosted by people all around the world. Take a look at In Good Taste or to schedule your virtual wine tasting this Mother’s Day.

Before the tasting, you’ll get a flight of tasting wines delivered, and sometimes some snacks to pair with them. Then, you’ll be hosted in the virtual wine tasting with a host, explaining the wines to you as you go.

2. Play an Online Trivia Game About Mom

Which sibling knows the most about your mom? If you want to find out and have a few laughs along the way, get mom to answer a few questions about herself like, “What makes you really angry?” or, “Who is your favorite film star?”


Meet on Zoom or whatever platform you prefer and see who gets the most answers correct. Losers who get the least questions right have to pay mom back by sending her chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

3. Take Part in a Fun Mother-Child Exercise Class

Who could be a better workout buddy than your mother? Absolutely no one. So, why not take part in a fun, free exercise class together on YouTube?

Working out together is a great way to bond, shed a few pounds, and burn calories at the same time. So even though you can’t work out in person with your mom like you usually do, you can still sweat together virtually.

For mothers and daughters, sweat it out to Denise Austin’s full-body cardio and toning workout on YouTube. If your mom’s a lover of dance, try the YouTube channel, Reps to the Rhythm, where you’ll find a 30-minute Latin-themed dance workout.

4. Recreate Childhood Photos and Put Together a Slideshow

Mother’s Day isn’t merely about chocolates or flowers; it could be about making your mom smile or laugh. If you want to take a unique walk down memory lane and have a few basic graphic skills, here’s what to do. Gather a few of your childhood photographs and Photoshop your adult self and your siblings into them.

When you’re done, put together a slideshow presentation for your mom. Even if they’re not perfect, they’ll still make your mom’s day!

5. Watch a Heart-Warming Movie Together

What TV shows or movies did you and your mom love watching back in the day? Perhaps you liked binge-watching The X-Files or Gilmore Girls. If aliens or dramedies aren’t your thing, put on a heart-warming, feel-good movie like Freaky Friday, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or Mrs. Doubtfire.

One of the best ways to watch movies together online is using Teleparty with your mom. There are a few easy steps to take, but from there you can chat and react to the movie or show you’re watching in real-time.

6. Get Friends and Family Together for an Online Surprise Celebration

Almost everyone loves surprises, and a surprise celebration in honor of your mom is an amazing way to show her just how much you care.

Gather your mom’s closest friends and family together on a Zoom call, then call her and get ready for her reaction. From there you can spend the evening using Zoom to play board games, and discuss the latest gossip, your fondest memories, and the funniest stories about your mom.

7. Send Her a Mother’s Day E-Card

We’d all love to spend Mother’s Day with our moms, but sometimes it’s not possible. Even a simple, small gesture can be something that means a lot to your mom. It might feel impersonal to send a card digitally, but there are so many great options online where you can even add photos and audio to e-cards.

The effortless act of sending a Mother’s Day e-card is enough when you can’t be together in person. Jacquie Lawson, Paperless Post, and Blue Mountain are just a few great websites to find personalized, customizable, animated e-cards. Alternatively, you could download and use a virtual e-card app.

8. Sign Her Up for a Monthly Subscription Box

Whether your mom loves cooking, wine, plants, coffee, reading, or arts and crafts, there is bound to be a subscription box out there that’s perfect for her. Consider what your mom’s favorite interests, tastes, and hobbies are, and then sign her up.

Subscription boxes make wonderful gifts, especially for Mother’s Day, and you can pay for them for a few months or even years. That way, your mom will continuously feel the love every time she receives her package.

9. Join a Virtual Chocolate Tasting Class

Just like virtual wine tasting, virtual chocolate tasting is a decadent activity that you can take part in, even if you can’t be with your mom in real life. If you know your mom has a massive sweet tooth, you have to join a chocolate tasting class this Mother’s Day.

There’s a wide selection of chocolate tasting classes that you can join online, all of which you can do from home! Cocoa Runners, The Chocolate Genius, and Theo Chocolate are just a few websites that offer delicious chocolate tasting experiences.

10. Plan an Online Murder Mystery Game

For moms who love to channel their inner detective, plan something that they’ll truly love, like an online murder mystery game.

When your mom takes part in a virtual murder mystery game on Mother’s Day, she’ll have a day filled with thrills without leaving the comfort of the living room.

Are you and mom ready to solve a crime? If so, let the rest of your family and friends in on the plan, and then everyone can join in on the fun. For an evening of crime, mystery, murder, and a few laughs, take a look at these murder mystery game websites, The Murder Mystery Company, and Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries.

11. Create a Personalized Spotify Playlist

If your mom doesn’t have a Spotify account, sign her up and create a personalized playlist with all her favorite songs.

Whether your mom loves Bon Jovi or Cyndi Lauper, she can spend Mother’s Day dancing around to the music she loves to listen to. Additionally, there are several Mother’s Day Spotify playlists that are full of moving and touching songs that your mom will love.

Honor Your Mom Virtually This Mother’s Day

While many of us have grown used to social distancing and doing everyday activities online, it’s still sad to not spend Mother’s Day with your mom. The good news is that there are so many fantastic virtual activities that can make you feel closer to your mom even though you’re far apart.

Whether you get the whole family together for a Zoom celebration or simply send her a personalized e-card, these 11 virtual activities make it possible to make your mom’s day this Mother’s Day!


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