The Beginning of Affiliate Marketing

This is a guide on what to do when you first start out trying to make money being an affiliate. I like to call this guide ”the beginning of affiliate marketing”. If you have found this post, then just like you, I wanted to make money online, and fast. I was reading about other people doing it around the world, through blogging. I wanted to do the same so bad! So, I started searching the internet for information on how to make a monthly income by being an affiliate.

In The Beginning of Affiliate Marketing


After about 2 months of hard-core searching and analysing what my next plans were. Therefore, I started my journey into affiliate marketing and this was the beginning of affiliate marketing for me. I bet you have searched the internet trying to find out the same thing. How people have made thousands or even millions online.

Searching For Affiliate Marketing, Did You Find Anything Useful?

Chances are you do, but you didn’t know it yet. Or you didn’t understand how it all worked, because you was focused on making money quickly. I was exactly the same when I first started out. I heard about all these ways you can make money, but I never fully understood how, until now.

Once you realise how it works, and what you need to do, you’re going to kick yourself. That’s why today’s your lucky day, I know how frustrating it is. Trying to work so hard and get so little reward, or nothing at all. That’s why my guide ”The Beginning of Affiliate Marketing” will show you in detail, what you really need to do, in order to be successful at making an income online every month.

Being an affiliate was really easy work, the more I understood the system the easier it got. Weird right? But it’s not, all I had to do was promote and review other people’s products etc. So, I’d get a commission of up to £70 per sale. Like I said, it was damn easy work once I knew the secrets. But in the beginning of affiliate marketing for me, I had a flaw in my approach that I didn’t know.

How many times have you searched on Google, ”how to be an affiliate and make an income online”. And always seem to read the same thing, like I mentioned above in the last paragraph? Affiliates out there are correct in saying  that you need to promote products and get a commission. But shall I tell you the biggest flaw, which stops you not getting a penny each month?

What’s The Flaw In Beginning Affiliate Marketing

Creating any free sites with the likes of, Weebly, Blogger etc.? These free hosting sites are great in a sense that you don’t have to pay for anything. But the downside, you’re not going to rank high in search engines and get decent traffic flowing your way. Not only that, but when people see the site address or link as something like, it triggers something in there heads, to say, you know what, that looks a bit dodgy. And I’m right, I do the same even today.

That my friends, is a big flaw that no one actually tells you about, until now.


So what do you do?

First, if you haven’t already, make an affiliate account with Clickbank, it’s an amazing online retailer, which has thousands of products you can choose to represent, all with different commission rates.

beginning of affiliate marketing

So, the next thing, is to find a product you’re actually interested in yourself, you don’t need to buy it, but because you’re really interested in the product you want to be an affiliate with, you’re more likely to right a better review with interesting content. Last thing you want to do, and I learned the hard way after a lot of hard work and a few months. Is not to decide the products you want to promote by its price and commission. I’d be surprised if you haven’t already done this already, it’s a rookie move, as you want to make as much money as possible fast and you think every product you right about is going to sell, but it doesn’t.

Creating Reviews For Affiliate Marketing

From someone who’s beginning of affiliate marketing was a learning curve, take time and pleasure in finding the right products for you. Your content is key to your success, and the only way you can achieve that is believing in the product your reviewing, pretty simple logic right?

Have a look through ClickBanks Marketplace and mark down which products you want to write about. Once you decided on a product, you’ll need to read through the landing page of that product. A landing page is a website that intrigues and grasps the visitor’s attention. Think of it as a salesman’s pitch, there trying to get the visitor that you’ve sent over to buy their product resulting in you getting a commission on the purchase. The better the landing page the more success you’ll have. So after spending time reading the landing page, decided first, is it worth talking about, and did you feel like you, yourself was tempted to buy it? If you was, I’m guessing someone else would have been.

When you’re happy with a product, it’s time to create a review. Like I mentioned before, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using free hosting sites, as this will not benefit you as much as you need. You’ll be getting maybe 10 or even 5 visits a day without doing any promoting or social sharing of the site. And 0 converting giving you your commission. You can try it if you like and pay for advertising, but people who want to make money online, tend not to have the money spare to splash out on advertising their free hosting sites.

Instead I highly recommend two things, which once I realised what i was doing wrong, worked superb for me.

Reveal The Best Marketing Secret You Need To Be A Success!

Beginning Of Affiliate Marketing Realisation

The first one, is to sign up to an article hosting website, like EzineArticles. Reason for this? Go ahead and search EzineArticles in Google, it comes first. If you have an opportunity to add a review about a product to this website, Google will crawl its site and grab your article. Once it’s done that, the chances are that people searching reviews about the product you’re trying to sell, you have a higher chance at getting on the first page of Google because of Ezinearticles reputation, rather than creating a free WordPress site and being at the back of the bus.

There are limits to how many articles you can publish at once, I think its 10 still, after that, you can submit to increase that. But there isn’t anything stopping you from adding articles to other websites, to help your cause.

Buying A Domain Is The Best Thing For Starting Affiliate Marketing

The second thing, which is the best tip I can give you from my beginning of affiliate marketing start, is to purchase a domain. I 200% highly recommend doing this, having a domain that’s properly search engine optimised will catapult you to the first page of Google and bring in large amounts of traffic to that one product review, increasing your sales.

Got a domain? Optimize Your Site with SEO

I know buying a domain is spending money and you didn’t want to do that. But I was feeling the same way when I first started, and that’s a mistake. For an example, what website would you think Google would show in the results first, when searching: 3 Week Diet review? or

if you picked the first one, your right, all search engines search by keywords, so the closest you can get your website name to the actual product and what people will type into search engines, your chances of increasing your traffic is high.

Check out Go Daddy for very cheap domain names to get you started. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and realise 5 months down the line.


In the beginning of affiliate marketing I took some knocks, getting to the point where I nearly gave up, until I made these two changes that I’ve let you in on.

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Good Luck!

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