Make Money Playing FIFA

Ever wanted to play your favourite game and make money playing FIFA?. If you work hard you can gain a profitable income playing FIFA for a living. I’ve written this book to give you some tips on how to achieve a monthly income.

How To Make Money Playing FIFA

Online Gaming

How many times have you played FIFA online and won? What about getting paid for each win you have? Sounds good right? You can do this with access to 3 websites, and I’ll let you know what sites these are.

World Gaming

Make money playing fifa-world-gaming

Back in 2013, the first ever site published that allowed FIFA players to compete online for money was Virgin Gaming. The website let PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers connect to each other through the EA Sports Arena. is pretty much the exact same things accept for the EA Sports Arena. They also host tournaments which you can pay a small amount to enter and see how far you get. I’ve seen tournaments go up to amounts of £20,000 – £150,000.
Sign up at now, and start winning some games.


Make Money Playing FIFA-gamersaloon

At Gamersaloon you can play FIFA against others online for cash and even Ultimate Team coins if that’s your mode you enjoy. You can register free, so I recommend to head over to Gamersaloon now and sign up. Then you can join the forums and find other players who you want to play against. Once you and the other player has agreed to the game, you both then can add money or ultimate team coins to the pot to be won. Again just like WorldGaming, they have tournaments held which can hold pots from £30 – £5000. The team have done a fantastic job on the website with the FIFA community and, its only seems to be getting better.
I highly recommend to check out now.

Players Lounge

Make Money Playing FIFA-players-lounge

The newest of the 3 and a place purely for FIFA head to head. Once you’ve signed up you can either play for cash or play free for FIFA Lounge Coins, which then can be converted to real money and withdrawn. When you sign up you have access to forums that hundreds of FIFA players like yourself can offer or accept challenges made by users. Also like the other two, they hold tournaments but sadly these are held in New York. Maybe in the future this will be available online to FIFA players.
Head over to Players Lounge now to sign up.

FUT Coins

This method all depends on how many FUT coins you have to give away. I’ve seen players buy FUT coins for ridiculous amounts, and you can make money as well doing the same thing, selling. You’ll need to sign up to something like eBay, Gum tree etc., so that you can advertise what you’re selling. You could also advertise on social media sites to your friends. This is all about getting people to see your advert. When you can get the traffic though, you can make some decent money from this. Want to keep up to date with all the ways to make money playing FIFA and other games?

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