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It all started when I got my hands on a computer when I was seven years old. It wasn’t my personal computer, seriously what kid had a personal computer in 1995? I wished it was mine, and to have the incredible power of Windows 95 at my fingertips felt incredible! Since that moment I was thinking about computers every second of every day. I knew I was going to do something amazing in my life. I was going to make a difference and change the world. Well, I was only seven so what did you expect?Lee Copp About

At that age I was also dreaming about being an astronaut or an English footballer (Soccer for you Americans). But sadly those dreams never came true. I don’t think it would look right having a geeky footballer anyway.

But I did still think about computers and have that feeling…… “that’s going to be my calling card”.

Though, Instead I went out into the world and accomplished some other decent things. I trained and got myself qualified to be an electrical installer, pretty damn cool, right? Yea, I know it’s not, but at least I had a trade to always fall back on. I also got a degree in Performing Arts & Directing at Middlesex University. I had such big dreams of being a Hollywood movie star, but instead I moved to a third world country, Cornwall.

Cornwall is situated in the South West of England. And doesn’t really have the possibilities London or Hollywood have to offer if you want to act. Plus during my time at University, I built a successful digital marketing career. And continue to do so in Cornwall, while repair and maintaining computers as a side project. To be honest, it’s a resume any dad would be proud of.

But for Lee Copp, there was something missing

I felt like I wanted more out of my life.

I wanted to make my whole family proud! And knowing myself that I had achieved success and not failure.

Still haven’t got there yet!

I’ve also been told that I’m my worst critic, and I can never see the positives in whatever I do. Is that a bad thing? In a way it strives me to succeed more and achieve the goals that I want to hit.

For an example, being an actor, what better chance do I have at living one of my dreams of being an astronaut than that?! Thinking about it I could also be an artificial robot sent back in time to save Sarah Connor.

Even though I have put some of my dreams on hold, it wasn’t until a year ago I realized what I enjoyed doing and how I could make an income through helping people.

That’s when I created Artificial Geek and started sharing my passion for computers and online digital marketing to the world. In one easy to access place, I started to create an archive of information and knowledge from the past twenty years of my experiences.

Sometimes I think, having all this knowledge inside is a burden. Because I can’t get it all out at once, instead I’ve got to create post after post. Damn, I can’t wait for AI to do this work for me.

But anyway, that’s me!

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