How To Stream PC Games Online With Twitch

With the popularity of games wanting to stream PC games online rising, anyone can get started with ease, allowing their peers a chance to watch them live.

Stream PC Games Online Using XSplit Broadcaster and Twitch TV

Stream PC Games Twitch


Being a PlayStation gamer for many years, I’ve seen Sony and Microsoft make streaming your live gaming to viewers easy, by using inbuilt apps to access and link services like Twitch TV. Recently I’ve decided to get into PC gaming, and one problem which was made easy for me, was the ability to stream my gaming. I know now, some games have this feature built in already, but what about the games we all love to play that don’t have that support? That’s what got me on the mission to find out, how to start streaming pc games online, and that’s when I came into contact with XSplit Broadcaster. Once it’s all set up and I’ll show you how, you’ll be able to stream your gaming to Twitch and other services.

Requirements To Stream PC Games Online

Streaming pc games online isn’t an easy task for a computer to handle. Twitch recommends using and Intel Core i5-4670 or an AMD Equivalent, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 or higher. Don’t get discourage if your system isn’t in the same bracket, there could still be a chance.

Before I switched from PlayStation, I was able to stream my gaming online to Twitch with just the requirements below:

CPU – Intel Quad Core Q6600 3.2GHz or AMD Equivalent, 4GB DDR2 RAM, and Windows 7.

I do like to keep my rig setups performing the best it can, have a look on how to optimize Windows 7 for better performance.

All I say, if you really want to start streaming pc games online, try it out, what are you going to lose from trying?


Setting Up XSplit Broadcaster To Stream PC Games Online

First thing I want you to do, is to head over to XSplit and download the broadcaster for your OS.
Stream PC Games-0

When it’s downloaded, open up the setup file and install XSplit Broadcaster to your machine.

If you have an account already go on and sign in, if you haven’t, create an account now.

Stream PC Games 1

Next hit ”Continue” so that you accept the XSplit T&C.

Stream PC Games 2

Now what we need to do, is to create a Twitch account. Twitch is a gaming streaming website, which a lot of the consoles use as well. Head to Twitch and create your account.

Stream PC Games 3

Configure XSplit Broadcaster

Now you’ve got yourself a Twitch account, we can set up XSplit Broadcaster to send our live gaming stream to our new Twitch channel.

From the top menu on XSplit Broadcaster, Select ”Sources –> Game capture –> Auto Detect”.

Streaming PC Games Online-4

Now depending on your computers specifications and internet speed, select the desired screen resolution you would like to broadcast in. To do this, click ”640 x 360 @30fps, 100%” in the top right, select ”Resolution” and click on your desired resolution.

Streaming PC Games Online-5

You should see the screen below. The white square is your live gaming stream, to make it full screen, drag the bottom corner of it, till it’s at full size of the XSplit Broadcaster window.

Streaming PC Games Online-6

Connect XSplit To Twitch TV

To connect XSplit Broadcaster to your Twitch channel, select ”Outputs –> Set up a new output –> Twitch”.

Streaming PC Games Online-7

Sign in with your Twitch username and password.

Streaming PC Games Online-8

XSplit Broadcaster will configure and test your connection to the Twitch servers. Once it’s finished doing that, you should see the screen below, hopefully with all ticks. When you’re done hit ”Finish”.

Streaming PC Games Online-9

If you know what you’re doing with the screen below, continue, if you don’t, all you need to do is select ”OK” to close the Twitch setup process.

Streaming PC Games Online-10

Now we’ve set up and connected XSplit Broadcaster to our Twitch channel, if you load up a game or for example Origin, XSplit Broadcaster will automatically detect your gaming, like in the image below. But we need to do one final thing to start broadcasting to our channel.

Streaming PC Games Online-11

Select ”Tools” from the top menu and head to ”Settings”. From there select the ”Hotkeys” tab, and double click on ”Start/stop Twitch – (Username) output”. Now press a key you would like to use for starting and stopping your Twitch broadcast. I tend to use F1 but you can use whatever you like. Hit ”Apply –> OK” to save.

Streaming PC Games Online-12

Now you’re all set to start live stream gaming on pc to your fans.

Just remember to press the hotkey before and after you game. XSplit will tell you when you’re streaming pc games online or not.

Streaming PC Games Online-13

Happy gaming!

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