How To Add A Sitemap to Google

Improving the rank of your websites search results in Google, is ideal if you want to gain unpaid and direct traffic to your sites content. Therefore, when you add a Sitemap to Google Search Console its a big step to achieving this.

Add Sitemap To Google Search Console

When you add Sitemap to Google Search Console it will enhance the way Google crawls your site, giving it all the information it needs to index your site and its content. So, before we start to add sitemap to Google Search Console, you will need to sign up or log in.

Here’s how to verify your WordPress site with Google Search Console:

  • Head over to Google’s Search Console and either sign up or log in.Add A Sitemap to Google 1
  • Click ”ADD A PROPERTY”
  • Enter your websites URL in the box that appears and click ”Add”.
  • Google will now ask you to verify your WordPress site, by a default option chosen by Google. Instead click on ”Alternative Methods” at the top and select ”Google Analytics” and hit ”Verify”.

Not set up Google Analytics yet? Do it now.

Tip – I recommend adding both website addresses to Google Search Console, for example both: and Google will ask you how you want your site to appear in the address bad and Google results.

Add A Sitemap To Google and Rank Higher In Google Too

  • Still signed into Google’s Search Console, select your site.
  • On the left menu, select ”Crawl” and then ”Sitemaps”.
  • Click ”ADD/TEST SITEMAP” button in the top right.
  • If you know your sitemaps location, go ahead and type it in. If you don’t, the easiest way to create one is by using ‘Yoast SEO” plugin for WordPress. Download Yoast SEO here and install it to your site.

Find out how to rank higher in search engines with Yoast SEO.

  • Now that you have installed and activated Yoast SEO, select ”SEO” from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click ”XML Sitemaps”.
  • Select the ”XML Sitemaps” button under the header ”Your XML Sitemaps”.
  • This should load up your sitemaps page, and will look similar to this:

Add A Sitemap to Google

  • Now add a sitemap to Google Search Console, and your done.

If you recieved a 404 Error page when selecting ”Your XML Sitemaps”? Some times this can happen because there is something wrong with the permalinks within your site. To fix, head to your WordPress dashboard, select ”Settings –> Permalinks” and just click ”Save Settings”. Now try the XML Sitemaps button again, and you should find it works.

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