Easy Way to add Google AdSense Ads to your WordPress Site

Google AdSense is probably the best way bloggers and site owners make money online. When you have a successful site with great amounts of traffic each day, you can guarantee that a decent percentage of viewers will click on a Google Ad resulting in you receiving a small fee. If you haven’t started adding Google AdSense ads to your site, I would say now’s a good time to start. Follow my guide on how to add Google AdSense to your WordPress site, alternatively you could follow this guide, which may make it easier for you to add your adverts in to your theme.

Easy Way To Add Google Adsense Ads

Finding it hard to add your Google AdSense ads to your WordPress website? Or difficult to get them where you want?Easy Way to add Google AdSense Ad Inserter An easy way to add Google AdSense ads to your WordPress site is by installing a plugin called Ad Inserter.

It provides WordPress users, an easy way to add Google AdSense ads pretty much anywhere on your site or blog.

To get started, assuming you’ve already got an Google AdSense account, and have created an ad already, if not follow this guide, either download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress dashboard with the link above, or from your dashboard, go to ”Plugins –> Add New” and search for ”Ad Inserter”.

When you’ve installed and activated the plugin, select ”Settings –> Ad Inserter” from your dashboard, and you should see this,

Easy Way to add Google AdSense 2

Paste your AdSense code into the text box and underneath where it says ”Automatic Display” select where you would like the Google AdSense ad to be placed.

It’s that simple!

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If you have any ideas, please let me know, Im always looking for better plugins.

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