How to Delete a WordPress Site From

Sometimes we have all started out creating websites or blogs through because it’s free. We either want to share our ideas and hobbies with other enthusiasts around the world. Or some of us want to find a way of making a monthly income online each month. I do recommend having a look at The Beginning of Affiliate Marketing. Just a little guide about how to start making money online through blogging. While achieving our goal, one way or another sometimes we can fail and leave those sites or blogs behind. But how do you delete a WordPress site or blog from your WordPress account? I’ll show you how to delete a WordPress site from those accounts in this quick and easy guide.

Need To Delete a WordPress Site from

Note – Once you delete your site/blog, everything will be lost for ever, so make sure you back everything up before you go ahead with the deletion.

Delete a WordPress blog

Firstly go to and sign into your profile. When on the main page, navigate to ”My Sites” in the top left corner.

Delete a WordPress Site 1

Next, select the site or blog you want to permanently delete from your profile.

Once you’ve selected your site or blog, scroll down to the bottom and hit ”WP Admin” from the menu on the left.

Delete a WordPress Site 2

This should take you to the Dashboard, now select ”Tools –> Delete Site”.

Delete a WordPress Site 3 will explain to you, that the deletion of your site can not be undone, and that it will remove all content, contributors, domains, and upgrades from it. If you’re happy with this, go ahead and click ”Delete Site”.

Delete a WordPress Site 4

You will need to confirm the deletion of the site by entering the websites/blogs web address to continue.

Delete a WordPress Site 5

After a few seconds, you will see a message saying your site is being deleted.

Delete WordPress Sites 6


That’s it, you’ve managed to delete a site or blog from

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