Adding Your Site To Search Engines Like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, are essential for a successful site. Being listed on these search engines will ensure that your site will get the targeted traffic it needs without paying for it. It doesn’t all rely on adding your site to search engines though, of course, it all depends on where you rank in the search results, which then depends on certain factors like website name, titles and content.

Adding your site to search engines

You’ve probably heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps you design your website so that it results in a higher ranking on Google, imagine the traffic you would get if you were on the first page of Google?Adding Your Site To Search Engines

Follow my ”How to Guide on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” to give you the best chance of ranking high in search engines.

Adding your site to Google search engine.

Adding your site to Google is very easy, all you need to do, is to go to Google’s URL submitting webpage, enter your web address in the box provided, make sure to tick the box stating you’re not a robot and hit ”Submit”.

Alternative method is to go to Google’s Webmaster Tools, either sign in or create an account and submit your website with their Search Console.

Once you submit your site, Google will ask you to verify the site. There are numerous ways Google will let you do this.Adding Your Site To Search Engines 1

Adding your site to Bing and Yahoo.

In 2010 Microsoft’s Bing search engine also took over Yahoo!, so when you submit your site to Bing it will automatically add it to Yahoo! search.

To do this, head over to Bings Webmaster Tools page, and log in with your account, if you haven’t got one, sign up.

When you’ve logged in or sign up, you will be taken to the Webmaster Tools, ”My Sites” page. From here select ”Add Your Site”.


Adding Your Site To Search Engines 2


Fill in all the information required, it will ask you to upload a sitemap if you have one already, you can follow my guide here to help you add your sitemap to Bing.

After completing the required information and hitting ”Save”, Bing will give you 3 options on how to verify your website, these are:

  1. Place an XML file on your web server.
  2. Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage.
  3. Add CNAME record to DNS.

Once you’ve verified your website, you have been successfull in adding your site to search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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